Meet our Team

Arnsbo Media employs 75 amazing and talented people.

Arnsbo Media
Project Management
Søren Arnsbo
Founder, Partner & Chairman of Arnsbo Media
Søren ArnsboFounder, Partner & Chairman of Arnsbo Media
Carsten Hjorth Pedersen
CEO & Partner, Arnsbo Media
Carsten Hjorth PedersenCEO & Partner, Arnsbo Media
Stefan Werge
CEO & Partner, VoiceArchive
Stefan WergeCEO & Partner, VoiceArchive
John Harley
CEO & Partner, VoiceArchive UK
John HarleyCEO & Partner, VoiceArchive UK
Nicolaj Balle Ladiges
CEO, Founder & Partner, Loyalitetsbureauet & Heyloyalty
Nicolaj Balle LadigesCEO, Founder & Partner, Loyalitetsbureauet & Heyloyalty
Søren Collstrup
CEO & Partner, PiiPL
Søren CollstrupCEO & Partner, PiiPL
Claus Witt
CTO & Partner, PiiPL, Senior Developer
Claus WittCTO & Partner, PiiPL, Senior Developer
Ruan Le Grange
CEO & Partner, VoiceArchive Africa
Ruan Le GrangeCEO & Partner, VoiceArchive Africa
René Kucza
General Manager, Loyalitetsbureuaet
René KuczaGeneral Manager, Loyalitetsbureuaet
Trine Pilgaard Christoffersen
HR Consultant
Trine Pilgaard ChristoffersenHR Consultant
Gavin Neville
Finance Manager
Gavin NevilleFinance Manager
Ole Dalgas
Marketing Manager, Heyloyalty
Ole DalgasMarketing Manager, Heyloyalty
Sara Hedelund Madsen
Finance trainee
Sara Hedelund MadsenFinance trainee
Lilla Sandor
Student Assistant
Lilla SandorStudent Assistant
Christina Roed Gaarde
Christina Roed GaardeIntern
Marianne Maack Andersen
Project Manager
Marianne Maack AndersenProject Manager
Jacob Fusager
Konsulent – Dialog og loyalitet
Jacob FusagerKonsulent – Dialog og loyalitet
Janne Vognstoft
Konsulent – Dialog og loyalitet
Janne VognstoftKonsulent – Dialog og loyalitet
Anna Sticken
Key Account Manager
Anna StickenKey Account Manager
Sheila Johnstone
Sales Director, VoiceArchive UK
Sheila JohnstoneSales Director, VoiceArchive UK
Jesper Thykjær
Account Manager
Jesper ThykjærAccount Manager
Selina Cecilia Runoberg Junker
Sales Consultant - Maternity leave
Selina Cecilia Runoberg JunkerSales Consultant - Maternity leave
Michael Frederik Hansen
Sales Account Manager
Michael Frederik HansenSales Account Manager
Nishanthan Nadarasa
Sales Account Manager
Nishanthan NadarasaSales Account Manager
Michael Hansen
Project Coordinator
Michael HansenProject Coordinator
Laura Skriver
Project Coordinator
Laura SkriverProject Coordinator
Andreas Gromoll
Project Coordinator
Andreas GromollProject Coordinator
Lisbeth Düwel
Project coordinator
Lisbeth DüwelProject coordinator
Alberto Oscarelli
Project Coordinator
Alberto OscarelliProject Coordinator
Emanuele Latina
Head of Production, VoiceArchive UK
Emanuele LatinaHead of Production, VoiceArchive UK
Bhavik Khetia
Project Coordinator
Bhavik KhetiaProject Coordinator
Christian Rydahl
Project coordinator
Christian RydahlProject coordinator
Jane Ankjær Andreasen
Project coordinator
Jane Ankjær AndreasenProject coordinator
Marianne Dubois
Project coordinator
Marianne DuboisProject coordinator
Birgitte Hedin
Process Specialist & Project Coordinator
Birgitte HedinProcess Specialist & Project Coordinator
Ann Filtenborg Pedersen
Head of Production, Fliva
Ann Filtenborg PedersenHead of Production, Fliva
Mathias Jakobsen
Senior Developer
Mathias JakobsenSenior Developer
Gitte Løvkvist Borch
Junior Developer
Gitte Løvkvist BorchJunior Developer
Mads Brouer Lundholm
Mads Brouer LundholmDeveloper
Mathias T. Kristensen
Junior IT Developer
Mathias T. KristensenJunior IT Developer
Simon Korshøj
Senior Developer
Simon KorshøjSenior Developer
Lars Søndertoft Nielsen
Junior Developer
Lars Søndertoft NielsenJunior Developer
Jess Nielsen
Jess NielsenDeveloper
Nicklas Schou Grunnet Plöen
Nicklas Schou Grunnet PlöenTrainee
Kathrine Susan Therman Forster
Kathrine Susan Therman ForsterTrainee
Lasse Iversen
Sound Engineer Trainee
Lasse IversenSound Engineer Trainee
Nicolaj Jacobsen
Communication Intern
Nicolaj JacobsenCommunication Intern
Deborah Andersen
Marketing Manager, VoiceArchive
Deborah AndersenMarketing Manager, VoiceArchive
Ditte Bille Bugge
Junior Marketing Consultant
Ditte Bille BuggeJunior Marketing Consultant
Kasper Kjærgaard
Konsulent - Dialog og loyalitet
Kasper KjærgaardKonsulent - Dialog og loyalitet
Sarah Levke Hoffmann
Finance Trainee
Sarah Levke HoffmannFinance Trainee
Martin Mandsberg Byrialsen
Martin Mandsberg ByrialsenTrainee
Katrine Korsgaard Jensen
Media Operator
Katrine Korsgaard JensenMedia Operator
Vicki Pedersen
Media Operator
Vicki PedersenMedia Operator
Morten Højgaard
Media Operator
Morten HøjgaardMedia Operator
Stine Olsen
Media Operator
Stine OlsenMedia Operator
Maria Louise Thomsen
Media Operator
Maria Louise ThomsenMedia Operator
Frederik Sandholdt
Media Operator
Frederik SandholdtMedia Operator
Ida Worm Bech
Media Operator
Ida Worm BechMedia Operator
Nikolaj S. Pedersen
Media Operator
Nikolaj S. PedersenMedia Operator
Sarah Drewsen
Media Operator
Sarah DrewsenMedia Operator
Steffen Højfeldt Rasmussen
Media Operator
Steffen Højfeldt RasmussenMedia Operator
Astrid Andersen
Media Operator
Astrid AndersenMedia Operator
Maja Selch
Media Operator
Maja SelchMedia Operator
Alexander Stengård
Media Operator
Alexander StengårdMedia Operator
Marianne Aagaard
Media Operator
Marianne AagaardMedia Operator
Malthe Johansen
Media Operator
Malthe JohansenMedia Operator
Mikkel Petersen
Media Operator
Mikkel PetersenMedia Operator
Claus Maack Andersen
Media Operator
Claus Maack AndersenMedia Operator
Anders Petersen
Media Operator
Anders PetersenMedia Operator
Frederik Møller Hjortebjerg
Media Operator
Frederik Møller HjortebjergMedia Operator
Johanne Toftelund Jensen
Media Operator
Johanne Toftelund JensenMedia Operator